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Smart Relationships Education is a comprehensive sexuality education program for Years 4-12 that is built upon credible research, going far beyond the ‘safe sex’ mantra of most sex education programs. Our programs include helping students to develop and understanding of their whole person (B.E.I.N.G.) and their development, as well as, personal safety, technology safety, relationships, sexuality, choices, consequences, and critical thinking skills delivered at age appropriate levels.



For more than thirty years Peter Janetzki has been reading, researching and presenting on the topic of Human Sexuality and Relationships. This combined with thousands of hours of face to face counselling has resulted in a through understanding of the complexities of human relationships and sexuality.

From this vast experience Peter has developed a team who have been interacting with teens and young adults to help them receive accurate information so that they can navigate the confusing world of relationships.

In spite of our society being perceived as sexually progressive there are still high levels of ignorance in regards to many important issues to healthy relationships especially amongst teenagers. Hence ‘Smart Relationship Education’ provides comprehensive education programs based on research and accurate information, to assist young people in avoiding the dangers of unhealthy relationships that are often modelled and promoted by our popular culture.

Smart Relationships is a comprehensive sexuality education program for Schools that is broad based going beyond the ‘safe sex’ mantra of most sex education programs. It covers the requirements of the National curriculum (ACARA, 2022) without compromising Christian values. 


We believe...

  • Sexuality is not a separate part of our experience in fact it is part of every aspect of life, therefore we approach it holistically and in the context of relationships.

  • Young people have the right to be given accurate information from sound and reliable research, free from hidden agendas.

  • Every choice has a consequence and that young people are able to make healthy, life giving choices given accurate and relevant information.

  • The best place for sexuality education is in a loving and supportive family and what we do is a compliment to this.


We are Pro-abstinence for two reasons. Firstly, evidence world wide supports that this is the safe and healthy choice, and secondly our presenters hold to a Christian worldview.


Young people will do what young people want to do. Consequently we are up front about our values so as to not impose them on students but rather challenge them to examine what we have to offer and to make informed and wise choices.

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